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Double Bubble


Membranes, space travel, transparency, isolation, an essay  or the journal Forty-Five about "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble."

By a Thread


Photographs from the Flying Gardens of Maybe in a small group exhibition at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA

Artist talk at UMass Lowell


As part

Confluence Ecologies


Local Ecologies

9.9 through 3.20

New work "waste Knot, Want Knot" for this traveling exhibition looks at the tangled histroy of plastics and their manufacture in Massachusetts

Artist talk at the New College of Florida



8.24.19 - 6.1.20

New work on changing landscapes,  global change, and the Book of Nature - for knowledges at the Spencer Museum of Art.

Gymnocladus dioicus - a micro- essay for the Kentucky Coffeetree in "becoming-Botanicals"


A biographical for the sturdy, potent, and often neglected tree, Gymnocladus dioicus, in a new compendium of plants

Cultures of Energy 8 at Rice University


An artist talk at UMass Dartmouth


Artist talk at Elgin Community College


Artist talk at Hollins University, VA


Part of the University's "Transect/Intersect/Transform" symposium

Found Among the Leaves; a Bibliophytology


A solo exhibition at the LA County Arboretum Library

Digital Nature


An outdoor video projection "Planetary Projections / Gardens of Acceleration" for the exhibition Digital Nature at the LA County Arboretum

Places of maybe: Plants ‘making do’ without the belly of the beast


An essay in Why Look at Plants (Brill) edited by Giovanni Aloi.

Un(in)tended Garden


an invited visual essay for The Learned Pig

Interview in border_less


an interview by Nihat Karatasli in the Turkish arts magazine border_less.

Terra Forma: Disasater, Recovery, and Aesthetics of a Tsunami Coast


a multimedia web project commissioned by Art Journal Open

The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene


work in a group exhibition at the Harn Museum of Art

Living Architecture

9.3.2018 -

work in a group exhibition at 6018North

Artist talk at the LA Arboretum and Botanic Garden


as part of a one week artist residency at the arboretum

Talk at the Weisman Museum of Art


as part of the launch of Mississippi: An Anthropocene River

Review of "Epigenetic Landscapes: Drawing as Metaphor"


review of Susan Merrill Squier's latest book in the Journal of the History of Biology

Inner Orbit

5.25 - 7.21.2018

Interviews with the Milky Way (2018) in "Inner Orbit' at form & concept gallery, Santa Fe, NM

DOME: Our Relationship with the Cosmos


screening of Interviews with the Milky Way (2018) at the Zeiss-Grossplanetarium. Berlin, Germany

PRISMISMS (solo exhibition)

4.14 - 5.5.2018

a solo exhibition at at Roman Susan. Chicago, IL.

Review of "Drawing as a Way of Knowing"


review of Gemma Anderson's book in SciArt America

Artist talk at Wellesley College


"Aesthetics for a Changing Planet" as part of Wellesley's Sustianbility talk series

An Anthroposcene (an interview)


an interview by Giovanni Aloi in Antennae #43

Dymaxion Trajectories

2.24 - 4.6, 2018

New work, Linkin' Logics, in an group exhibition curated by Jeremy Bolen and Andrew Rafacz at Soccer Club Club

Naturalculutral Wonders & Anthropocene Disasters: A bibliography

Winter 2018

An invited 'critical bibliography' for Art Journal. Read it here.

a "Letter to America"

Jan 14, 2018

A "Letter to America" in the form of an index for a continental-sized book in

Art & Our Uncertain Future (an interview)

Feb 7, 2018

An interview with Cathy Byrd on Fresh Art International (from minute 35:30 onwards)

Deep Time Chicago and Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia

Oct 21-24, 2018

A presentation with Brian Holmes about Deep Time Chicago and the Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia

Oct. 6 - 29, 2017

Flying Gardens of Maybe at a group exhibition at The Peale Center, Baltimore MD. Curated by Lynne Parks.

Axis Mundi

Sept.16 - Oct.7, 2017

Flying Gardens of Maybe in an exhibition on "the crucial role of the artist in the age of the collapsing global organism." Part of the Biennial of the Americas at PlatteForum. Denver, CO.

residency at the Roger Brown House

July 25 - Aug.5, 2017

interview in

July 10, 2017

on natural history, matter, and the galaxy, among other things.

talk at University of Tokyo

June 27, 2017

Talk as part of the second seminar sponsored by 5: Designing Media and Ecology.  "Anthropocene Media Aesthetics: Reinventing Relations"

booklet: Time (and Time Again): an interview with Lorraine Daston

July 15, 2017

An interview with historian of science Lorraine Daston of history-writing in the Anthropocene. This booklet is part of the Deep Time Chicago series, funded by the Goethe Institute.

artist talk at College of DuPage

May 8, 2017

visiting artist at Pitzer College

March 22, 2017

artist talk at Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz Architects

Feb. 20, 2017

special co-edited Anthropocene issue for '5: Designing Media Ecology'

December 2015

A co-edited issue (with Prof. Osamu Sakura) on "The Anthropocene and our Post-Natural Future" featuring philosophy, history, and communication studies perspectives.

best of 2016, Chicago art

Dec. 8, 2017

Chicago Tribune review by Lori Waxman

solo exhibition at the MCA Chicago

July 26 - Dec. 31, 2017

A solo exhibition, part of the  BMO Harris Chicago Works series. that engages the cosmological and the personal though the  Milky Way galaxy.  Sculpture, photography, sound, drawing, and video. Curated by Joey Orr.

Networks of the Natural in 'Antennae'

Sept.18 2016

Text of a talk given at the Human-non-Human symposium at SAIC in March 2016.

GeoMagic exhibition

Sept 8 2016

Work in a group exhibition with the New Mexico State University art museum and the Zuhl Geological collection. Curated by Marisa Sage.

Bad at Sports Interview: Aesthetics & the Anthropocene

Aug. 10 2016

A conversation w/ Caroline Picard, Emily Eliza Scott, and Jeremy Bolen about our seminar "Sensing the Insensible: Aesthestics in/of/through/against the Anthropocene" as part of the Anthropocene Campus: Technospehre Issue at HKW, Berlin, April 2016.

essay in CSPA Quarterly

Aug 2016

A short piece relating my Istanbul Biennial project IO-OX to natural history as well as Smithson's site/nonsite.

talk at Grinnell College

Aug. 14 2016

An invited keynote talk "Art, Science, and Natural History: Finding a Middle Way through the Anthropocene" for the AALAC workshop "Art-Biology Connections"

NIMBY exhibition

summer 2016

An outdoor group show featuring sculpture, installation, and performance. Curated by Margot Mache.

Catalyst Conversation: Theories, Things & Creatures

June 2, 2016

a conversation with Dr. Naomi Peirce at the MIT List Center

essay in the catalog of "Organismi" at GAM Turin

June 2016

"Fare arte, essere natura e la capacita d'azione diffusa del creato creatura."  An Italian translation of my essay "Making Art, Being Nature, and the Distributed Agency of the Creaturely Creation" for the exhibition catalog of  of "Organismi. Dall'Art Nouveau di Emile Galle all Bioarchitettura" (2016) at GAM Torino, curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

The Potency of Partial Knowledge: An Exercise

April 16, 2016

A performance lecture with Jeremy Bolen as part of the Wisdom Techniques event at HKW, Berlin.

Sensing the Insensible: Aesthetics in/of/through the Anthropocene

April 14, 2016

A seminar presented as part of the Technopshere Curriculum at HKW, Berlin

Human-non-Human Networks symposium

March 12, 2016

Talk on posthumanism and the arts at School of the Art Institute of Chicago organized by Giovanni Aloi, David Getsy, and Andrew Yang

talk at Colorado College

Jan 25, 2016

An invited talk titled "Making Sense by Making History: EcoAesthetics of the Anthropocene Hypothesis" '

Imperceptibly and Slowly Opening

Oct 29, 2015

A group exhibition about plants at Sector 2337, Chicago IL

talk at ETH Zürich, Department of Architecture

Oct 29, 2015

In conversation with Tue Greenfort in the Donnerstag series

Unfriendly Skies

Oct 9 2015

Unfriendly Skies: Birds, Buildings, and Collisions group exhibition at George Mason University


release of Anthropozine #0

Sept 23, 2015

A zine of interviews & collages on the Anthropocene, not only as a geological epoch but as a manifold metaphor for our planetary concerns.

new work for the 14th Istanbul Biennial

Sept 5, 2015

A sound installation with painting and photography in the Galata Greek School for Saltwater: A Theory of Thought Forms, drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

essay for the 14th Istanbul Biennial catalog

Sept 5, 2015

Unwavering Quaver - on the multiform of waves in the universe

visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science


in Berlin researching archives through the Anthropocene in Department II

ISHSSPB logo re-design

July 10, 2015

redesign of the logo for the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)

June 14, 2015

Second Laws, Two Cultures, and the Emergence of an Ecosystem Aesthetics - explores cross-disciplinary translation, systems aesthetics, Smithson, Starling, Snow, and more...

June 10, 2015

That Drunken Conversation between Two Cultures: Art, Science and the Possibility of Meaningful Uncertainty - a short article exploring the contested and tricky spaces between "art," "science" and "artscience"

June 5, 2015

Commentaries in the 'Learning' series for third print edition of "FIVE: Designing Media Ecology"

May 9, 2015

Gleaning New Meaning: Reintegrating Collections with the Expanding Ecology, as part of the Lost Museums Symposium at Brown University.

Art Words panel

April 18, 2015

panelist on the terms "cohere," "synthesize," "integrate," and "unify"  organized by Jim Elkins at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, forthcoming in book form

artist panel 'Bioart, Ecoart and the Spaces In-Between'

March 27, 2015

Talk and panel with Eduardo Kac, Anders Nereim and Heather Dewey-Hagborg at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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