at Roman Susan, Chicago, IL. April 14-  May 5


...comprising :

 > an installation <

 > commissioned soundtrack <

 > essays  (Raja Halwani & Andrew Yang) <

 > performance  events <

Walking into Roman Susan, it is hard not to look askance. The walls ask you oblique questions. The whole place is a wedge that you are wedged into: the corner of a building that is a large triangular prism interrupting the city’s block-logic. This geometry is only one -ism of “prism” – optical prismatics split light multi-colorfully, while “the prisms through which we perceive” bend our subjectivity. This installation project -isms the prism to see just how the colors, axioms, molecules, and categories scatter forth. Reflection on refractions of light and genealogy, music and materiality.

P R I S M : 

from Ancient Greek prisma: "something sawed"  prizein: "to saw, to be cut in pieces." 

1 - A solid geometric figure whose two ends are similar, equal,  

     & parallel rectilinear figures, with sides as parallelograms.


2 - A glass or other transparent object in the form of a prism,

     especially one that is triangular with refracting surfaces that

     separate white light into a spectrum of colors.


3 - Used to refer to the clarification or distortion afforded by a

      particular viewpoint.



Three notions of prism bring their own -isms:

one fills space geometrically,

the other splits light incrementally,

and the last warps the weft of subjectivity.


Let us -ism the prism -




red, yellow, blue

shape, bias, hue...

                                        sound, color, view.

>>> In the Gallery         (floorplan guide)

>>> Scatterings  (photographs in the exhibition)

>>> Booklet & Essays

>>> Performances (Spectralina's intervention. April 28)