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Media Ecology - Asian Carp Billboards

part of Reshaping the Shape: Embodiment, Ecology, and Culture of a Postnatural Fishwith Sarah Lewison


All American Carp
Asian Carp as a Superfood
Eat the River, Heal the River
All-American Carp

As abundant, nutritious, and delicious as Asian Carp are in the Mississippi watershed,hardly anyone eats them. They make up the vast majority of biomass in some waterways, pose a jumping haze and for this reason are consider an invasive pest.  They are vilified by conservationists and boaters alike, and yet still little is being done to make eco-logical use of this fish as a healthy and sustainable food source in a way that could help re-balance the riverine ecology of the Mississippi and its tributaries.

As part of our project Reshaping the Shape, Sarah Lewison and I designed a series of billboards that were in view along roadsides of southern Illinois promoting Bighead and Silver Asian Carp as under-utilized natural resources, superfoods, and as naturalized part of the Midwest, rather than a "alien invader" which is now so integrated in ecosystem that it can never practicably be eradicated.

Texts about the Reshaping the Shaping include -

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There is also an overview of Reshaping the Shape, of Deep Time Chicago's Field Station #4, and for the HKW project Mississippi: An Anthropocene River.


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