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Reshaping the Shape: Embodiment, Ecology, and Culture of a Postnatural Fish

Installation at the SIU University Museum as part of the exhibition Confluence Ecologies, with Sarah Lewison


A River Full
Asian Carp Stream/Streamers
A diagram of the Asian Carp econo-ecology
Carp Kites + Driftwood
Upstream, Downstream
Eat the River, Heal the River

Reshaping the Shape took form in  parades, fish dinners, billboard campaigns, workshops, as well as in the art exhibition Confluence Ecologies at the University Museum at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. This project, a collaboration between Sarah Lewison and I, was part of Deep Time Chicago's Field Station #4, whose various projects exploring the Anthropocene conditions of the Mississippi watershed  appear in Confluence Ecologies

Our field research involved touring to Asian Carp fish processing plants, riding on the river with fisherman, and interviewing natural resource managers to get a better understanding of the complex dynamics of these fish the Mississippi watershed. 

For more on the "confluence ecology" concept, see: “What on Earth”: Confluences in the planetary metabolism (AY)

Other Texts about the Reshaping the Shaping include -

The Possibility of All Species in an “All Species Parade” (AY)

Imagining an Economy Based on Care (SL & AY)

Defensive Ecologies: Extracting Asian Carp from the Illinois River  (AY)

Of Forests, of Rivers, and of Meals (SL)

Carp Convival page

Billboards page

All Species Parade page

There is also an overview of Reshaping the Shape, of Deep Time Chicago's Field Station #4, and for the HKW project Mississippi: An Anthropocene River.


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