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You Too Will See, Dear                        


"His attention stops on the unusual, just as does yours; only in his case the unusual is not the obvious.  He has succeeded by long training in eliminating that. Therefore he sees deer where you do not. As soon as you can forget the naturally obvious and construct and artificial obvious, then you too will see deer."


- Stewart Edward White

The Mountains, 1906 (p.123)




"What is the configuration of self, environment, and experience that leads one to hide inside a photograph? To conceal oneself? To become something else? Too see everything? To not show up? These questions are conjoined motivations for, and expressions of, the logic of camouflage."


-Hanna Rose Shell

HIde and Seek, 2012 (p.11)




 hunting-for-the-seeing-of-deer in the deep woods of the internet. Looking to see what others just saw, but weren't supposed to; shooting without a kill.


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