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Makeshift Geology (an Anthroposcene)  


                                                                                                                                  ... see related installation shape of things (sight unscene)    

Like the epochs of the Eocene or Pleistocene that came before, the present age of the Anthropocene will define a geologic strata for millions of years to come through our structures, remnant forms, and its biogeochemical alteration of the surface of the planet. This collection of makeshift geology is an anthropo-scene, and by necessity a combination natural and artful, rock and non-rock, part and whole.


These rocks and objects were collected in hours of walking round the Monserratt mountains in Spain.  Many of the rocks are fashioned from tracing paper and watercolor, or hybrids of collage - found and made rocks, pieces of paraffin wax, decaying juice boxes, bark, tin foil, and shoe leather. 


So many of these items not resemble rocks on the face of it, but they are also becoming part of the sediment that will create new rocks, stones, and pebbles, albeit on a biogeochemical timescale beyond our typical reckoning. They are all in a process of collective transformation as well as physical exchange.


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