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Shape of Things (sight unscene)




Most of our lives are lived in the dark.  In a universe cacaphonous with waves and energies, our human frame can experience only a thin sliver without the sensory prosthetics of instruments.  If the course of life is anything like a short stroll, then we are like casual rock collectors seeking the findable, the immediate, and authentic at hand.  Perhaps making is just another form of finding; perhaps locating asteroids in deep space is just a celestial extension of our rock collection.


Rocks, found objects, and rock-like things fashioned from tracing paper (from Makeshift Geologies (an Anthroposcene) occupy a table in a darkened photography studio, together with whatever objects of use that could be included: A commerical spotlight glowing without illuminating anything; discarded black & white photo test prints turned into dioramic collage of asteroid "4179 Toutatis" tumbling backlit through space  on one wall. 


There is a large projection of  4179 Toutatis from NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar, microwave echoes taken on  Dec. 12 and 13, 2012 about 18 lunar distances from earth, together with footage of a tiny speck of dry ice sublimating on the surface of water, recorded at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, June 2014.   The dry ice sublimates not unlike it might on a comet or other body deep in space as it is warmed by the rays of the sun.  Throughout the room, the ultrasonic chirps of an echolating Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) can be heard, modulated so audible to humans ears.


Coming to the space sight unseen, one can construct a scene of collected shapes, shapings - the earthly and the heavenly. Renderings of the expansive and imperceptible world as a moment in our own space-time.





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