The Finding of Falling and Floating  (meteorites & ambergris)


A lump on the ground could be the most standard rock, or an extraordinary piece of the solar system, perhaps deep ocean.  Utterly undomesticated objects like meteorites and ambergris live most of their lives out of human reach because of their provenance,  born of a sperm whale’s gut or a distant asteroid belt - quintessential instances of the boring sublime.  

Stoneware ceramic, eggs, sea stars, fossil sea stars, shooting star fragments (200-lb. iron meteorite ), founds rocks, coal, Hawaiian lava, telescope image of new planet 2012 VP113, published March 28, 2014, satellite image of search Area 1 & 3 for Malaysian Airlines MH370 (Indian Ocean published March 28, 2014).


Many thanks to the Florida Natural History Museum for the loan of various specimens included in this exhibit.