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Stella's Stoichiometry (Seven years, all things renewed, 40 lbs.)                      


Stella's Stoichiometry (All Things Renewed, 40lbs.)
recomposing equivalencies


The human body rejuvenates itself every seven years, replacing every cell in the body with new cells - or so the story goes. Taking this notion to heart, a an updated version of Stella's Stochiometry was created at seven years of age and her corresponding body weight.


This 40-pound version still accounts for every atom of her body, but from different ingredients that reflect the kinds of things she has been exposed to, taken in, and sometimes made part of her own body. Given the modern world that she has grown up within:, this includes fertilizers (that provide the nitrogen and phosphorous atoms that  she takes in by way of the industrial food system), bituminous coal (powering the electric lights around her and whose combustion creates the carbon dioxide that warms the planet and feeds plants), LEGOS plastic (which she loves to build her own worlds out of - but which also represent a ubiquitous pollutant that has made its way to every crevice of our planetary food web), and chalk (a device of learning and growth but also an abundant mineral in Kansas, where this version of the portraits was assembled).

Calculated exactingly for her weight at seven-years-old,  carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, hydrogen, and calcium was collected in her precise weight and proportions in the form of: tap water, MAP fertilizer, LEGOS plastic, bituminous coal, chalk ,ethyl alcohol, and ammonium nitrate.

                                                                                                 *see the companion work Stella's Stoichiometry (All things being equal, 6 lbs. 13 oz.)


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