the Way within                      



Our galaxy, the Milky Way, seems both distant and immense, a thing beyond proper conception. At the same time, for those in cities where light floods the night, it is invisible and apparently non-existent given its visual inaccessibility in the sky.

Even still, our galaxy is in fact all around us. In reading these words you are reading part of the Milky Way itself - the pixels, screen, and your eyes, and as such the galaxy is both immanent and throughout. This is an installation of galactic specimens, all equally authentic and representative of our celestial existence - shapes, colors, textures, and sizes along a continuum of forms. The tables own contour akin arms of our galaxy's own spiral.

Carved stone, paper sculpture, wire, gourds, meteorites, hives, shells, lint, and leaves. Some are replicas of other objects on the table, other hybridized ,but all are equally real.  Found or fashioned - materiality matters in ways that transcend appearance.

On the last day of its exhibition at the MCA Chicago, a touch tour for the visually impaired (as well as sighted) provided a means to come into contact and touch the galaxy beyond what vision can even provide.



Installed as part of Chicago Works: Andrew Yang (the Way within) at the MCA Chicago, curated by Joey Orr.

exhibition brochure (pdf)