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Accordian Fold Instructions

1. Print pdf double sided. Make sure both sides match up correctly.

2. Cut multiple comics out of

the page.

3. Fold accordian style with cover on top and you're done!

"Snake Legs and Wisdom Teeth" Instructions

1. Cut in half to make two zines

2. Fold using standard folding instructions

"Hole in Yer Head" Instructions

This half-page zine as a little bit of a dimensional variation built in...Once all folded, use a standard size hand-held holepuncher to punch a hole through the mouth of the man on the first page: and viola! The thematic "hole in your head" appears on different pages as different kinds of holes!


1. Cut in half to make two zines

2. Fold using standard folding instructions

3. Hole punch through the mouth on the cover!


"diamond Zine" Instructions

1. Cut into six zines (along red lines in pdf)

2. Fold into eigths and cut off the corner to remove the "center square"


Discovery of Binary Stars  and  Beginners Guide to Variable Stars

1. Print pdf double sided

2. Fold into fourths

3. Comic is double sided. Flip comic around to the other side to see the second comic!


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