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articles, press, and mentions . . .


:::: How to use zines in science classrooms, an article in American Biology Teacher

:::: An essay, Animal stories, natural histories, and creaturely wonders of narrative mini-zines on our zines in the journal Antennae

:::: A short article about the SSC in art and culture magazine Proximity

An interview about SSC in Concordia University's The Link.



On the WEB .  . .(thanks!)


:::: Big distribution at Australia's National Science Week


:::: Coverage in Is Greater Than


:::: Shout out by science cartoonist Jay Hosler


:::: in Zine-Reviews


:::: at the Difference Engine


:::: in Vegansaurus

:::: "Bug Girl's" take

:::: Make magazine's blog

:::: Carl Zimmer's mention on his site, The Loom


:::: Featured in the Clarion, the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) newsletter

:::: Year of Science 2009 Zine-a-Thon! co-sponsored by the SSC



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