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"Only what can be remade will be retained" - Serge Daney


"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton



The notion of "art in the everyday" could be cooking, reading, or talking.  Or it could be seeing art and visual history in happenstancial and spontaneous ways.  Remakings of past works of artists and scientists that - like the line of a poem or a TV jingle - bounces around your head in the background as you cut food up in the kitchen or look too closely at your dirty floor.  Ongoing obervations with this idea at play - Click the thumbnails for the remakes.

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10.07.2012 - Apples for Sol LeWitt, Complex Forms


Nothing is better than eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowedge, except perhaps cutting it up in shapes and feeding it to your kid.



Le Witt
Le Witt
apples for Le Witt
Ants a la Spoerri
03.09.12 - Antics a la Spoerri


What the ants collected: Two toe nails, a mustard seed, two uncooked grains of sushi rice, one cooked and crushed grain, dried carrot bits, a large grain of sea salt, the petal of a tiny dried flower.



Daniel Spoerri's works


28.07.12 - She Loves Chicago and Chicago Loves Her


They tug, pull, lay down, rest together.


Sometimes there is purring, crying, hissing, batting of limbs.


There is no performance grander than life itself.


Joseph Bueys' 1974 action


Beuys & canine
Stella & feline
Maz Perutz with his model
12.09.12 - Molecule of Toast (for Drs. Kendrew, Perutz, and Jacob)


Famed biologist once said  Francois Jacob:


"When I started the biology, that was in, in the Fifties, the idea was that the molecules from one organism were very different from the molecules of another organism. For instance cows had cow molecules and goat had goat molecules and snakes had snake molecules, and it was because they were made of cow molecules that a cow was a cow."


The original and so-called "sausage model" of myoglobin by Kendrew is shown here, then Perutz's in two view.  It was the first full 3D structure of a protein to be worked out, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1962.


Although myoglobin is a main constituent of sausage, the sausage model was not in fact made from sausages. If models of things are made up of the thing itself, maybe representation will take time to consider it own materiality? 


Let's imagine what a molecule of "toast" mightlook like.


Matta-Clark's "Garbage Wall"
compost wall
03.10.2012 - Compost Wall (going organic for Matta-Clark)


Making a architectural gesture to the waste of our cultural consumption is a sad and pretty sort of collage. The non-degradable detritus that millions of years from now archaeologists (in the form of sentient insects, perhaps?) will ponder.


The new millenial wants to be eco-friendly and in doing so embrace the ways of many millenia past, when everything degraded faster than a spore of fungus of dung beetle could snap its fingers.  Here to today's emphermeral monumnets - to waste, yes - but also ecological looping.












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